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Please complete the following form to register for Sql Power Tools interactive product tour and demo. Six product videos explore the capabilites of Sql Power Tools agentless monitor and Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent (zero impact SQL tracing).
Agentless Monitor
Sql Power Tools Server Bottleneck Monitor performs agentless monitoring of wait types, wait times, disk bottlenecks, TempDb bottlenecks, SQL performance, SQL plan mining, performance counters, blocking, deadlocks, procedure cache, buffer cache, database space, disk drive space, SQL jobs and performance baselines.

Optionally install our Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent at any time. It has a low 1% overhead. Think of it as a ZERO impact SQL profiler or trace facility. No intrusive server profiles or traces are used that degrade server performance by 30% to 60%. Ineffective server sampling that misses most of the poor performing SQL is not used. Agent does not connect to the monitored server nor impact the network.

Sql Power Tools will never share any information about our customers with any third parties.
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Sql Power Tools awarded Community Choice Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product by SQL Server Magazine Sql Power Tools awarded Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product Community Choice Gold by SQL Server Magazine 2009.
You have a mission critical production server serving thousands of users that processes 500 to 5,000 SQL requests/sec. The upgrade must occur with no impact on end-user response time. A plan must be in place that allows measurement of the performance of the upgraded database server release prior to placing it into production. Our Zero Impact Migration Service does this! Refer to Products..
" After years as a DBA, I can tell you there is absolutely nothing on the market that compares to the Zero Impact Sql Monitor product line...it is the best performance investment you will ever make. "
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