Stealth Blocked Process Monitor
Get a historical summary of every unique individual piece of SQL involved in blocking
Stealth Blocked Process Monitor
Top Features
  • Creates live blocked process tree of SPIDs being blocked, SQL involved in blocking, where locks are occurring and more
  • Captures for the blocking SPID and all blocked SPIDs the SQL statement text, SQL statement show plan, resource usage, and locks held
  • Reconstruct the complete blocking incident and graphs the blocked process tree with all SPIDs SQL statement text and SQL statement show plan.
  • Multi level alerting of blocked processes
  • Easy-to-use web enabled console with Stealth architecture for capture of blocked process incidents
  • Rank SQL statements most frequently involved in blocking, causing the worst end user response times, using the most CPU, memory and I/O resources
  • Pre-determine blocked process alert thresholds for real-time or off-line alerts (supports email, pager and mobile devices)
Product empowers users with a historical summary of every unique individual piece of SQL involved in blocking. Enables organizations to know exactly what SQL is causing the blocked process phenomena.

Identified SQL is ranked on a top down recourse basis showing organizations what blocked process SQL is running the longest on the database server and utilizing the most resources.

This product is currently available for SQL Server and Sybase technologies.
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