Zero Impact Service Level Monitor
Top features

Know if performance is above or below thresholds

Filter end user service levels

Service level reporting - Reports service level statistics on any time interval (1 to N seconds) to determine if performance trends are occurring

Monitor service level performance trends for historical comparisons - Know if performance falls before a daily, monthly or quarterly moving averages

Summarizes in real time - Avg end-user response time, avg database server response time and database server transaction processing rate for aggregated time interval

Recalculate service levels - Service level statistics may recalculated off-line to determine at what precise moment performance became sluggish

Become proactive - Resolve database performance problems prior to end-user complaints

Identify trends - Trending database server performance at the SQL transaction level is immediately identified

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Sql Power Tools awarded Community Choice Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product by SQL Server Magazine Sql Power Tools awarded Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product Community Choice Gold by SQL Server Magazine 2009.
The Zero Impact Performance Divergence Monitor is released. Offers early warning of deteriorating performance in SQL Server database server farms. Analyzes performance trends and deviations from historical baselines to identify which performance metrics and SQL statements are deteriorating from a prior rolling time period or historical baseline. Read more.
" After years as a DBA, I can tell you there is absolutely nothing on the market that compares to the Zero Impact Sql Monitor product is the best performance investment you will ever make. "
Frank LaDue
Advanced Technology Company

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