Agentless Monitoring Overhead in the Industry !

Have These Important Monitoring Needs?

Our Agentless Monitor has a Low 1% Overhead on the Database Server!

Intrusive database server SQL profilers and SQL tracing are not used.
3D graphs of SQL wait times, I/O stall times, performance counters, procedure cache, buffer cache and disk usage.
Automated plan mining of SQL having high wait times.
Historical baseline performance of SQL wait times, I/O wait times, performance counters, agent job run times.
One click install with product Setup Wizard has you monitoring immediately.
Reasonable license fees !
Priced at $2,000 to $750 per database instance based upon the number of licenses purchased.

How We Differ - We Do Not

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Issue millions of ad hoc SQL requests to the monitored servers that bloat the procedure cache and cause expensive SQL compilations to occur 24×7.

Install tables, stored procedures or SQL Agent Jobs on monitored servers. Nor create tables in TempDB or issue millions of I/Os on monitored database servers.

Increase the monitored database server SQL wait time (due to resource contention) thereby impacting production users end-user response time.

Key Benefits

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  • Dashboard and heatmap views of Server Farm performance at a browser or mobile device.
  • Daily baseline analysis of SQL wait times, performance counters and agent job run time.
  • Ad hoc comparison of SQL and I/O wait times, performance counters and job run times between servers and time periods.
  • Agentless monitoring of SQL Server and Sybase.
  • 600+ wait types that a database server posts when SQL does not complete quickly due to resource contention or lack of available resources.
  • Drill into SQL wait times for poor performing SQL. Pinpoints resource contention causing SQL not to complete on a timely basis.
  • Database data and log file I/O stall/wait time for all database devices and files.
  • Blocking, deadlocks, disk bottlenecks, TempDb contention, performance counters, disk mirroring, procedure cache, buffer cache, disk space, index fragmentation, SQL Agent jobs.
  • SQL having plans with table scans, columns with no statistics, missing indexes, sorts, lookups, compilation timeouts and more.
  • In ONE mouse click drill into 120+ monitoring areas.


Server Farm Performance Dashboard
Big Picture Real-time View of Database Server Performance
SQL Wait Time Analysis
Drill into cause of SQL waits. Expert advice on how to reduce SQL wait time. View waits by SQL statement, wait type, application, database, host or stored procedure. Automated plan mining with graphing of SQL plans.
Index Fragmentation Analysis
Disk Space Usage
Database Mirroring Performance
Performance Heatmap on Mobile
Also available in browser GUI.
Performance Dashboard on Mobile
Performance Counter Graphs on Tablet

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