Have These Important Business Requirements?

The Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent Can Help !

Zero Impact SQL Capture and End-User Response Time Monitoring using non intrusive Network Sniffing and Deep Packet Inspection. Captures/monitors the performance of 100% of the SQL activity 7x24. Baselines the performance of every SQL request 7×24. Proprietary anomaly detection identifies SQL requests running longer than prior performance baselines. Audits the SQL activity for potentially rogue or unauthorized SQL statements. Available for DB2, Informix, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and SAP Sybase.

Unlike Agentless Monitoring solutions that miss monitoring ~95% of OLTP SQL since they only sample the server activity every N seconds – the Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent monitors/captures the performance of 100% of the SQL activity with no impact on the monitored servers. Agentless Monitoring solutions are helpful when monitoring high level server resource usage such as CPU, memory, disk. However not that helpful in detecting/monitoring with 99.9% accuracy poor OLTP SQL performance (e.g. SQL requests with degraded or poor end-user response time). SQL Wait Time agentless monitoring is helpful when monitoring data warehousing or data mining SQL where the SQL typically runs longer than 1 or 2 seconds.

Have Mission Critical Applications
That need to deliver a predictable response time to end-users daily plus after: Cloud migration, deployment on Database Machines, server fail-overs, new software releases, changes in indexing, SQL code or configuration changes.
End-user Service Level Agreements
With business areas for guaranteed end-user response time.
Immediately Pinpoint Long Running SQL
When end-users report poor response time. Allows DBAs and SQL developers to fix SQL performance issues ASAP since the exact SQL that caused the issue can be viewed from a web browser or mobile device.
Reduce Problem Resolution Time by 95%
Monitoring products using interval sampling of the SQL activity miss most of the long running SQL and focus only a small subset of the 10K unique SQL requests that typically run on a database server millions of time a day.
Know SQL's Baseline Performanc
Know within a few milli seconds when a SQL statement's performance is poorer than its historical performance baseline for each of the 2K to 20K unique SQL statements that typically run on a database server millions of time a day.

How We Differ

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Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent captures 100% of the SQL activity with its SQL text, end-user response time and much more. Alerts you within milli seconds to long running SQL or SQL that runs longer than its performance baseline.

Product uses non intrusive network packet sniffing to capture 100% of the SQL activity with ZERO impact on the database server. NEVER connects to the monitored database servers. Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent has a LOW memory usage and 1% CPU server overhead. 

No intrusive SQL profilers or traces having a HIGH database server overhead or event monitoring that miss client SQL are used. More accurate than SQL interval wait monitoring. Runs on the server or from any other server with a network span or tap.

Key Benefits

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Captures 100% of the SQL and Baselines Every Unique SQL Statement's Performance so Unnecessary Hardware Upgrades do Not Occur!
Real-time Dashboard for SQL Response Time and Service Level Alerts
Alert thresholds may be set by database instance.
View SQL Response Time and End-User Service Level Alerts
View the SQL that ran longer than the SQL or Service Level Alert Thresholds.
Heatmap for SQL Response Time Issues
Red database instance SQL need to be investigated immediately.
End-User Service Levels
View average end-user response time in real-time or over any time period.
Capture and View All SQL Activity
View all SQL statement end-user response time in real-time or over any time period.
Top N SQL Analysis
Average, minimum and maximum end-user response time for every unique SQL statement.
SQL Baseline Analysis
Difference in response time between two time periods.
SQL Baseline Performance over Time
For each unique SQL statement over time.

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