How Zero Impact is Achieved

Since the year 2000 Sql Power Tools award winning technology has been capturing and monitoring 100% of the SQL activity for DB2, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase database servers with ZERO impact upon the database server using non-intrusive SQL packet sniffing. Pinpoints SQL that runs longer than N milliseconds or exceeds its baseline end-user response time. Also audits the SQL activity for potentially rogue or unauthorized SQL statements. Product NEVER connects to a monitored or protected database server for capture of the SQL activity 7×24. Run from a network TAP, SPAN, proxy server, virtual machine or in the Cloud. Runs on AIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows.

What We Capture and Protect

The SQL text for 100% of the SQL activity sent to the database server 7×24 along with its run time, client IP address, login id, bytes sent, errors and much more. Advanced SQL Behavioral Analysis of the SQL activity allows SQL injection, zero day, rogue insider, 3rd party cyber risks, phishing email and hacker attacks to be immediately identified and stopped within a few milli-seconds so that confidential database data is not stolen. Note: What are the Top 10 cyberthreats security teams are facing right now? No. 2 is breach of confidential data by SQL injection, zero day, rogue insider, 3rd party cyber risks, phishing email and cyber hacker attacks.

Database Cyber Security Guard product detects and prevents confidential database data theft by hackers and rogue insiders. Immediately stops data breaches of confidential database data. Remember Marriott, Equifax, HBO, PayPal, Uber, Yahoo and others that were hacked by cyber criminals. Recently Uber paid $148 million dollar settlement for 2016 data breach. This is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product that would have shut down the Marriott and Equifax hackers within a few seconds! Protecting databases is much more than securing the perimeter. Product informs Security Professionals of cyber-ware attacks within a few seconds prior to data loss when zero day, rogue insiders or hackers have penetrated the network and are attempting to steal confidential database data. Protects credit card, tax ID, medical, social media, corporate, manufacturing, law enforcement, defense, homeland security and public utility data. Average cost of a data breach in the US is 7.3 million dollarsAdvanced SQL Behavioral Analysis of 100% of the real-time SQL activity pinpoints and shuts down hackers immediately. Our Advanced SQL Behavioral Analysis is much more accurate than machine learning solutions in detecting confidential database data theft by rogue insiders or hackers. No MISSED or FALSE positive hacker alerts. Available for Informix, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase. Soon available for DB2, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. 

Zero Impact Sql Capture Agent product. Be informed of long running SQL within a milli second of its occurrence at a web browser or mobile device. Product captures 100% of the SQL activity 7×24 with its SQL text, bind parameters, end-user response time and more. End-user response time of every unique SQL statement is tracked minute to minute and day to day. 95% of database performance issues are due to long running SQL. We pinpoint this SQL immediately and provide a baseline analysis of end-user response time for each unique SQL statement. Has ZERO impact on the database server. Available for DB2, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase. Soon available for MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. 

Agentless Monitoring of SQL Wait Times product. Drill into SQL wait conditions, SQL wait times, I/O stall times, blocking, deadlocks, performance counters, disk usage, index fragmentation and SQL agent job performance. 3D graphs of SQL wait times, I/O stall times, performance counters, procedure cache, buffer cache and disk usage. Automatically identifies poor SQL plans for SQL having high wait times. No intrusive database SQL profilers or tracing is used. View a summary of server farm performance in dashboards and heatmaps from a web browser or mobile device. Low 1% overhead on monitored database servers. Available for SQL Server and Sybase.


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